Marble arches, the lot
They all – each ‘n’ every last one of ’em – went to absolute pot
This, a far greater interlude…
How rude! Or so I might just get to hear you say
So much as, Leave Leonard C. Be!!
All I really have to say is that this silver monk most certainly had his day
And now, perhaps, it is my turn to earn my most glorious stripe to date
Gain my very own day all over again… So much as send ’em packing!
His influence second only a monstrously supportive family
For they gleaned my particular gloves right from the peculiar-driven beginning
Oh so sumptuously ‘pushed’ and ‘shoved’ me in the correct direction
And, now
Seems it is indeed my very own turn to leave something of an earmark, a Godly impression

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