Met him down the pub
One night
Safe to say
I got one helluva fright
Pure delight really
Headed on over
Got to chatting about this and that
Thank the lord above
I was still sober
Said he was enjoying the rare Irish sun
Watching the day soak itself away
Said he didn’t like to talk poetry
Did enough of that to beat the band
Fine thought I
Each to their own
Shared a few drinks
Spoke a little about his wife’s sister Penny’s divorce
Smoked ’til we both got hoarse
Got talking to Penny’s daughter
Another beauty
With quick wit all of her own
Would’ve got her number
Only for her mother
Heaney took me to one side
What did he do
But slide her number inside
You can talk the talk
Now, my friend
Surely it’s time to walk the walk
What a man
For him life may well have relatively ran
But he was still one eye the wiser
Even if he was prone to ordering unsightly cider
A disgusting drink
But it makes me think
If he drinks it then maybe
So should I
Maybe something in it gave him that
Quick eye
Even if it has him pacing about the place slower
That and a date would be nice
Not ’til I grow a pair
Get the courage to catch her on the blower