Absolutely everyone was waiting to be let in but he just could not care less
These chairs with their revolving everything too goddamn luscious altogether
The Marlboro cigarette would wait for him every single time – oft than not a bridge too far for these stained fingers
Gel in speckle-grey hair he itched his prickly pock-marked chin and smirked – the usual chain reaction suddenly occurring, a jerk of torn muscle inside of his far weaker arm
His pen was bleeding all kinds of everything – these marvellous words doing their damnedest to keep that smirk permitting itself something other than a tremendous fall from grace
Spelling it right the whole drunken way out
These people continue to stroll around by the ignored and overgrown flowerpot a-yonder, none too entertained fingers lingering about inside of their chewing-gum stained pockets

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