A new year just around the corner, people grabbing their last-minute presents, those the ones that turn out to be the best, in my own personal opinion.The wine, or rather champagne, flows, glazed Christmas ham getting sawed off, ten strips at a time, way too early. Everyone does love that glazed ham, no two ways about it. People have that hop and skip in their step owing to all of the parties they are about to turn themselves out for, ultimately dressed to impress. Telly will, of course, throw a few turkeys our way when it comes to movies – Miracle on 31st Street doing its usual rounds. Fires crackling like never before, doorbells ringing, gospel singers singing; all par of the course, really. Kids so excited for Santa’s visit it’s unnatural.  A new year will mean new resolutions for many people, some wanting to quit the fithy habit of a lifetime, cigarettes, others happy to give up on the overindulgence of chocolate, etc. – only once Christmas is finished, though. So, all in all it’s a time to be merry, a time to hold those nearest and dearest to us oh so close to our hearts, to smile that little bit longer, and to, above all else, remember those less fortunate than ourselves. One things stands above all of the other resolutions for this guy, to make 2014 the year a debut book gets written, a book going by the title ‘POET’. Here’s hoping you will all be making it your next year’s priority to stuff that book into a loved-one’s stocking. Happy Christmas everyone 🙂