Don’t know quite what this is exactly, what sets his ((might of)) mind alight – Via ALL of these able artists that CAN

With their very own minds ultimately enhanced and utilised and to a parcel wrapped point.. of undeniable bliss, “KISSED BY ((sentimental)) C-R-E-A-T-I-O-N!”

That gifted SeNsAtIoN, as ALL elements of intertwined aforementioned bLiSs tended to send their merriment MinDs —-

To a place of universal aplomb and WIDE AWAKE and, U-l-t-i-m-a-t-e-l-y.. understanding!!

As they s–w–i–p–e(EXCITABLY!) at the shapeLESS sides of the CANvas with their agitated fist$, they W-I-L-L TwIsT their bonfire of bones —

And to a point of unpardonable angle “YET AGAIN?!!”

This is t-h-e-m, this is HE: this is… “ALL that we dream for him to be!!”

Yet, from the age of eleven he delves like a mother fucker.. searching for all of this sun=kissed bliss amidst one country comfortably wrapped

In entrapment rain: and he does A-D-O-R-E it

Because it SOAKS his bonfire of bones

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