This hard-boiled soldier will string his crusty bootlaces together, lift his bedraggled, wearisome, yo-yo-ing head and peer on over – something of an uncertain entity all of its own
“What will be will most certainly be.”
He needs to focus now, for an adolescent life all but depends on it
These strengthened, live wire wits coursing about his muscular body of armour – tightened
Of course the bullet-proof, homegrown vest will help
His nearby brothers-in-arms, sweating and smarting entirely, suddenly reaching for their gleamed and ready rifles time again
An arms-length away
Adamant upon stifling the very next summoned interjection – taking an equally adolescent life right out with over-enthused gusto
All par for the course
A flow of savoury bullets about to lead to what’s outright predatory – a salute to the altogether derogatory system
When the staunch army asked him to sow his fickle seed ’til allowing one such country which lies precariously between these borders of relative hope to breathe all over

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