Comfortably creative and she sees a way inner within, for these trepidatious words to outlandishly pour and at serendipitous will
She won’t she though? … turn the other cheek and speak… sleek aside honest to goodness wholeheartedly reliant

Upon this played upon jaded old Steinbeck piano – gladly narrow one such home-girl’s route to the truthful truth
Till they come bearing everything and anything and offer her a home away from all of that mundane monstrosity – welcome to Juilliard, our dearest, most learned lady

Where a masterpiece-in-waiting upsets itself to sculpt, scintillated and sedate the better parts of our creative beings – all of it placed upon speed and spiritual agility
Endless ability

To see what others fail to see between these magnificently trained robotic instanced fingers of lonesome hers

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