They’ve even developed all of it amidst the painterly sweet panache of a make believe master crafting

Of utterly illogical bliss, actually; at least in another source of person’s LIVIDLY HOSTILIZED mind anyhow— we have fought with ourselves time again unTil ALL

The barbarically b-r-a-z-e-n animals a-c-t outrageously animalistic AND bAllIsTiC again AND on utter-poised-PURPOSE: to NOT pose any such threat IS

To meaningfully mean precisely these singular and equally hard hitting things. It has, indeed, been a Harshly FELT l-e-a-r-n-i-n-g curve and we

“Just want to start believing in everything else again because..”

To have achieved this braveness of thing was

“Beyond words, and ANY other wisely illustrated descriptions and EVEN… anything else”—>

We d-e-l-v-e (BECAUSE WE CAN AND WE W-I-L-L) deeply withIN OUR THINKING BRAIN to say

Absolutely n-o-t-h-i-n-g at all actually// fact —> we’d (much rather) take ALL OF THIS tragical EXPERIENCE BACK.

To the place where their brains made normalised and silenced SENSE OF ANYONE ELSE.Q