These primitive colours
Seems something will inevitably, invitingly, approve – the right requirements for a particular role

Chosen hidden utensils sent to mean something altogether fair specific at being undeniably real
Both of these aforementioned examples shall proceed to begin a bare-knuckled relationship with his viewer and to breathe upright and sightly

Who ever knew it? To take a meandering, tactile meaning and to feel it deferentially well pressed, stressed, within all of He …

Taking all of adolescent We to a brand new psychologically prearranged place – wherein it brings us right back down to earth and colours our screaming rainbows, all awhile it appears to be heavily, heavenly, intent upon this utmost intuitive nature

Stranger things cannot manage to make themselves happen again…

Artistic pen fends for itself – too many wound-about, misfiring times to ever get to let himself, ourselves, count upon outright magnificence-in-waiting

Prospectively, perspective-ly rearranged til pushed gently against the quake of the flagrant careening – putting our tonnes of thoughts back into matter-of-fact action

All of it finally sedated only minus the intrusion of a useful drug which will bedraggle and proceed at piercing and posthumously abhorring all knowing evil

Have to ask, which part is synthetic and which part has asked to let itself be natural? – Seems soon as Conor says boom!!