*Oncoming and based upon Thom Yorke’s wonky-eyed process (of entertainment)

Process to invite excellent admittance to the persuasive and agile parts of his whole wide/awake and eagle/eyed landescape – Grand disarmament piano keys / A gracious-faced gathering of guaranteeing guitar string set in amidst this wood/boxed bewilder : When on Earth, though, will the Sun’s sinking … shrinking … rays of kaleidoscopically inescapable scope procure to prefer —- to righteously-both-riotously release

Something secondary at being sensational …

and all of it colloquially collaborated and (GOODNESS!!) graciously gathered at the dance of day-breaking dawn and placed oh, so immediate, intermittently and mysteriously via this – aforementioned eagle-eyed vision … … of His

Really? Yes, indeed – the colour is in the (width of the) creator’s word

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