Paraplegic unapologetic – this homegrown man-child knows no known bounds

Quarreled aside sincerely quantified by a life far less than extraordinary, ‘cept, perhaps, inside of his Playhouse Theatre mind

Barbaric aside brutally honest Sir Dickie Harris – hair of the dog, please, if you so kindly will pour another such distilled glass of permitted excellence unto rambunctious he

And we will reminisce til our very own kaleidoscopic minds become entirely, oh so very inordinately blinded by, this burgeoning ‘n’ twisted maniacal might
Of a snide-eyed and excellently stood smart and uprightly improper sprightly Limerick man’s none too mild-mannered charm

To delightfully drunkard disarm the whole darn lot of us blessed soliloquy amidst, hearsay does indeed make fallen away pretenders of us all – fending for our sickle selves til the very fickle-faced end

Dependent upon his utterly enthused aside radiance-in-waiting brilliance
He remains entirely instilled, in all of We

Comes upon his final resting place, to stare mirror-image entertainingly on up at all of We, and waves goodbye… to the whole darn undeniably kaleidoscopic entity

Perched posthumous aside parasitically unapologetic within – One such man and his best kept secretive dreams

Oh how he simply rose amidst these blissfully theatricality-entangled ribbons,
Soon as We least anticipated the better parts of He

To inevitably Breathe for one whole breath-held country
Encapsulated whilst rather imaginatively enraptured

All of this determinedly intermingled within – One such man-child extraordinaire who carries with him the sincerest of pedestrian ease

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