Just when we least expected it, he blew the whole damn thing wide open
Drew a crowd
Made everything make a whole lot more sense, able to rewind right back to a time when he ruled the roost
Comedic abuse of a most affable kind
Simple enough in his appearance, albeit extra special when it came to the matter of his ability to induce ear aches, belly aches to beat the absolute band
Of course, heady travails of a different kind played a monstrous part
They always do
Dealt the perfect hand
Taking you and yours right back to that particular night, when sprightliness and bubbling wine – champagne – tamed all that might just have been going on about the place
Blank canvas faces from one town asking, longing for a dash of multi-coloured paint to transform their frown
Did one young woman really faint!?
A memorable story of past endeavours on his and his late father’s part – a kinsale boat-race that will forever set their relationship alight
Mast at full stretch, one young boy with the club’s crazy emblem emblazoned across his eager chest – frighteningly terrific
A smile that asked for a little more time
And all he ever has to do is sit this one out, rewind, rewind
Rewind ’til able to find what is oh so right once more
Stage-door left, stand up to the roaring crowd and catch your beautiful breath
Your father will be breathing too
See him right there, legs folded, cold shoulder to the naysayers, elbow on hiatus at the corner of his God-given pew