Softly does it now dearest Delilah, do you really want to go back to that irreparable state of illy disrepair?! To push yourself, your bones of a beautiful being.. back, back, WAAAAAY BACK to behind…

the loud noise of a silently deciphering city

Wedged mistily between these half-ragged and GLAD-ragged people, of LOCOmotive emotions, in fact!

A city which sleeps in the pm, please… as it w-h-i-s-p-e-r-s and TEASES itself BACK(but in a great way)to Life amid a nocturnal and prearranged am.

Same, same.
These stand-awhile, patient bus PeOpLe who’s smiles may as well try for a lifetime, to decipher themselves uniquely… together again? Yes, where is THEsense!! But for set up by a blameless society somehow..

And creatively overhead the wonderful sputter-spitter-spatter of rain BEGINS… to heavenly DRENCH

His sitting UNCONTROLLABLY still sense

Of delirium-

Happening RIGHT-HERE within his wide awake dream.

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