Misinterpreted entirely
A fire inside of his wanderlust belly which never truly caught flame – ignored for the most part
One such particular person doing her damnedest to take his art all too seriously
A necessity on her very own part to set a pained heart – memories best left forgotten – alight in an altogether frightful manner
Yet, you see, this poem and all of its rather divulgent surroundings was never, ever meant to be about her
Christ no…
Genuinely intelligent font aside a wanton desire for any kind of rhyme to work
Never. Ever. Shoot . The. Goddamn. Messenger.
Only ever getting to take into account places he may well have once frequented back in the day throughout this one horse town of theirs
You were only ever a part of one of my previous slurs, where I praised you for all of your goodness in kind
Seems ’tis bye, bye for now, and know what… that’s quite alright

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