All that seemed to suffice
Albeit a relative slice of something far more succinct might indeed have been nice
A marriage built for utter destruction, wanton in a manner of speaking
And this guy could speak, just that the underlying problem never seemed to drift too far from the point
There were cocktail nights, of course
That atop crazily haphazard sexcapades and the likes
A comedians world
Mouthwatering toasts
Everything… all of the above he was far more than able to laugh right off
But, again, there was that severely disjointed underbelly, far closer to the surface than they could ever realise
‘Til they did, that is
She would watch him upon the telly every other night and wonder why, oh why the whole thing needed to be so very two-sided
A parade in his every honour out there on the street, but so soon as he would return on home – nothing but a thousand-and-one hellbent moans
There’s funny, then there’s a fine, fine line
Just ask one Tommy Tiernan

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