Crafted cornered-in conscientious concentration from the only lonely one who knew, who fastens her mind’s white lies immediately RightBy – eagle-eyed awareness for this terrifically treasured piece of unmitigated genius . .. …
Blisters -n- twisted KNEE-LADEN kisses forced face-forward PRIORITISED back up against – a trembling CAN-vas shake-it-all-off until the inevitably invitational ENDing
A HIDDEN SEETHING SEIZING vestibule sets itself in foolhardy stone, if-only – soon as this seismic piece of shrill brilliance certainly begins
To make roundabout wraparound sense up until (ALL OF IT) gets to remain (TO BE LEFT): multicoloured added immediately right by – ColossalCreation
sHE IS a Living Breathing Defunct SensAtion carries paintbrushes for fingers – in his mind – brian

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