Only then will he ever get to be ready, the army comrade with enough bullet-holes seemingly pierced right on through to set him entirely apart
Iron-man driven on into him only quite literally
Dressed to particularly suit this crazy left, RIIIIGHT, left, RIIIIGHT A.M.-to-never-ending hilt
Prepared to make ‘Fifty Cent’ appear all too fickle for his very own opinionated bullet-holes worth – ought to really have thought this peculiar one the whole way out – his political route forever askew like none other, for he will never, ever get to make his own grandfather proud – yes, the very same one who sits forever of his own rather over-shadowed accord and waxes lyrical ’til no-one longs to listen
Opposing sides both half and whole-heartedly now and then, there no such art in destroying a million-and-one lives either way

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