Born to break every g-od-driven rule on Earth
To walk with mind upon far-reaching, -reacting fire, all a-whilst the shy-eyed, flagging concentration wanders still – never still enough although to fair bountifully behold Albeit utterly, playfully aided none-to-comfortably by the poison-faced obstruction
Stands immediately ahead of us
Is this really only ever a meta-physical thing indeed, when we will need to know it by now and for.ever…
Twenty-three-years, that’ll be a doseful dose of agonised aside multiplied by 5fours ferociously mixed nauseatingly within A 3quartz glass ofDastardly RubyRedwhisky – neatly… religiously driven to a point of pernickety dilapidation meets barefaced distraction a.gain
GoodbyeAndNiceToVeryNearly… Meet you. NeverAgain, pl=EASE G-OD, Sweet OC-motherfuckin-d?
Laced in PROBLEMATIC and about to bend over backwards, take it allthewayback
To basics finally

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