The line need not be there – for we singularly distinguish ourselves wholeheartedly by constantly… amidst creatively colouring outside of every singular happenstance box on offer

‘Tis wilder within our intrepidly sordid mind’s eye, so you do know, than they can ever quite possibly take themselves to ever manage to actually handle to imagine … and at seriously inopportune will… they, won’t they though, actually manage to follow our tethered albeit no less wonderfully begotten truest lead … and create a none too rare breed of indifference

Unique nature mundanely relinquished, and we do so suddenly fall away to whimpering – intertwined by wining – lost-fellows by the crackling moon-sleeping break of a crowd-shrouded Dawn

Yes, their understanding is non-plussed and absurdly inadequate at that

These worked for words will hold no real sense soon as wedged between non-entity academia meaning, ‘cept of course for our tensely diversified people who bring extracurricular everything to the table of dastardly reckoning beholden upon we … pile-driven atop anything fair magical

And we can manage to handle it just fine, thank you

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