He watched a thousand far better men fall – at least this seemed to be the harrowing belief when it came a time for him to investigate in his rather heightened senses
Which lent him the wrong kind of ammunition quite often
Your mind can be a some kind of sense, right! Because this boy most certainly needed it
More oft than not, in fact
Nearby neighbours – track-marks slipping right down their flailing arms
Soldiers with bullet-holes earmarking one country’s demise, no disguising that God awful atrocity in its own right
Utter made up fallacies in many a way – those mother-effing powers-that-be!!
Violently taken ridiculously asunder
For, you see, he was deaf, speaking no such manner for him
As of yet…
‘Til, that is, one revolutionary man swarmed on into his particular town and showed him a way, any way
To try and hear All. Of. It.
Wits, crazy wits atop a most telling ability to feel absolutely everything – Soon, he didn’t even need to hear anything anymore
Rather follow the beat of his very own drum, or drums rather
Never needed to be via the age-old ear
Madcap, so they will forever say
Their boy toyed with it all and came out the other side far better for it

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