When a simple smile was the furthest thing from his warlock mind – these over-enthused cranium strings do bring with them a God awful puppeteer of altogether manic sorts
He really ought to try and rewire the whole damn thing, intrinsically so
Been terrifically torn asunder, in one way or a flabbergastingly unjustifiable other, the plunder oh so very rare in its blasphemous nature, stranger things have indeed failed to happen
When you know, you just know
He longed to be the stand-alone star of his own unforgettable show, with so much to say, yet this particular and immediate distance too unforgiving and seriously piercing to admit the least
He’s lonelier than you and your relatively jovial few can ever truly let yourselves imagine, and why in hell should you have to, you’d be absolutely right to ask…
Instead it’s been seemingly split and offering no such way back – the agony all consuming for now
Please, please don’t you dare say that we reap what we sow, because, as it still stands, he already has no real place to go
The worst part of all, that no-one, not even his nearest and dearest, as haphazard as they are right about now, will ever get to understand just how magic he feels he was undoubtedly born to be

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