The ability to take over just turned out to be too damn alarming
With his bearded face writhing compulsively within his sweat-ridden palms, he needed to learn to earn it then so very much as quite earnestly show it
These rather intrinsic wits are entirely prepared to sway like crazy before affably applying themselves all over again and casing the whole haphazard joint
When these devotedly strung-out drums get to pump at a million miles a minute – a momentary, seductive salute to the real people who do seem to care, gripping an altogether instrumental hold of their own when it comes to the sides of their clapped-out secondary school chairs
Another decade, another such time
Placed there for him to find the rhyme, perhaps lose the seriously pressure-filled reason altogether
All down to relatively bare luck aside immaculate homegrown talent notably sent on something of a clandestine shoestring
Placed here all too precariously to finally offer him a chance to create his very own bohemian, man-child dance
These sophomore sticks are akin to his almost everything, stringing it incredibly along in one tapestried manner of speaking
A few utmost necessary high-rolling tweaks here and there of course – devoid of any real portrayal for care
Poker-faced, his mother, his father’s living, breathing drop-out disgrace
‘Til solemnly snared the whole damn lot of them by the wicker-work end, these trembling once nobody’s now turning out to be entirely dependent upon his gargantuan everything
This face can light up a whole star-studded arena, when he realises he just must bring it
Where ever will he find a suitable singer though?
A lust for that insatiable and tasteful forever flow, a mouth-watering appetite second only to one Ringo Starr
When he turned his gravelly-voiced attention to what’s twice as nice – the lyricist and the drummer
Joe Strummer would be oh so proud

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