I know it shouldn’t be
But it is
A heavy day ahead
of me
Going to watch
A hockey match at three
Where my friend will no doubt play a blinder
Followed by
The play
Alone it Stands
All about Munster
At Cork’s Everyman Palace
A few bottles of beer in between
Things that shouldn’t
Get a second thought
Times when you should be having fun
In a day that seems to be offering
Simple things really
One thing piles on top
With your friends
Up a rare Irish sun
But it’s just not
That easy for me
Of the other
I lie in bed
All sorts of anxious things
sprinting about my head
Mam tells me that it’s
And of course she’s right
But it doesn’t make it any easier
Will I have enough money
Will I be able to relax
What if Ger and Magda see
I’ll keep on keeping on
Because there’s no way
I’m falling from the fence
Going to be alright
She always is…
To pay my way
The monster in me
Back into hell
Right now might be hard

But the other option
The lesser option
Is a nightmare of
Epic proportions
But no thanks
So what I’m going to do
I promise you
Is go the day without thinking…
Terrible thoughts anyway
Something I haven’t done before
Not too easy when he’s
Thumping hard at the front door
Of your head
Time I put the f**ker
To bed