Hello again
This is
Mrs. Rowntree
We thought about
Our offer
And we still want you
Even if it means
You’ll be cursing
On our pages
Your pages
Yes, OUR pages!
It’s true what they say then
What’s true…
What do they say?
That all publishers
Are cold-hearted bastards
I see you haven’t stopped
Cursing then
But you just said…
I know what I said
And we want you
You want me ANYWAY
How honourable of you
Listen Mr. O’ Driscoll
Call me Brian
I told you, Mr. O’ Driscoll’s
My Dad’s name
OK then…
We want you
You have me
Can you write thirty poems
In two weeks?
I can indeed
And feel free to fill them
With curse
If that’s what you really want
It is…
And I will
OK then
Don’t worry Mrs. Rowntree
I think we’re on the same page
You like what I did there
What did you do?
The whole page thing
Me being a writer
You a publisher
It’s ‘I’ being a writer actually
There you go again
Excuse me?
Know what
I’m out
You heard me
I’m out
They told me to watch out
For you guys
Feckin’ punctuation freaks
The lot of you
We’ll pay you twice what we
Were offering in the first place
Keep talking
We’re willing to give you
A £20’000 advance
So it was only ten
In the beginning
Look… Brian
Yes or no?
We do like your poems
I know you do
You’d f**king want to
To be spending this much
Time twisting my arm
Yes or no then?
Let me think about it…
Yyy… no thanks