You might just own the softest touch known to any man on out there
This terrifically pretty little bespoke picture with an outright ability to settle the whole damn field
So crazy elegant that it’s downright amazing, oh so tasteful in fact
I’ve been attempting to reminisce, tracking it right the whole way back to our time best spent together – something or other about the seriously tapestried pair of us wanting, so very much as needing, to remain forever kinds of insane
Handsome aside stereotypically wholesome and all of them just seem to know it
Always willing to appear to be these rather happily-clad also-rans
Do you ever remember the catch-22 sandals?
When two such fantastic people ran away with the whole damn procedure and opted entirely upon never looking back again
Pen to paper and I finally get to savour it all, when this dried-up ink spills ’til finally letting itself wink in my every direction

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