There’s a lump at the thumping of THE CORNERSTONE OF their throat again and they cannot but… … tend to ably understand nor FULLY-comprehend—-

j-u-s-t how dramaticallyANDargumentatively difficult all of it’s been…

Whenever their clearly besotted+minds wereSending themselvesUP AND Awaaaaaay(…) and TO THE ULTIMATEpointOfCatastrophe…. that isPreciselyTheTime for US, actually.. “to hold our best FLAGGING-of-breath and to

Fully(!)” understandANDcommonplACEcomprehend how long it.. will(?!) take for all+of+us to

Get to finally(inevitABLY?!!) cherish: “exactly what we did with our hardwIreD StAte of inCONclusive inTELLigences(!!)”

When we did everythingRightAndYET.. no balance bothers itself to InterrUPt UsAnymore.” Not yet.
Not TRULY anyway. No pressure but for.. “the tendency AND TENACITY TO BreAthE… crystal+clearly.”