They have taken their sweetness of time to create something seen to be: frightfully forbidden, even if:: “we seem to SEEitAnEntirelySeparate sort of way altogether.” Yet to get THERE took and takes.. “everythingWithinThey.. that

Paused attempt at thinking about T-E-N(!!) other things whilst also singlehandedly AND -mindedly managing at” —-

Mastering: just seventeen separately constructiveANDconclusive things. “Where even were we when they took our highflying minds to that alternatively Hot-wiring of plACE named :: utterly famous intellect!?” Probably acting as dAftly(!!) foreGONE as to ALLourCONclusions and far more advantageously

Superlative than they could EVERevenHaveManaged atImaginingBefore… “it’s been.. hella Unidentifiable and certainly a fastness of taleTALENTANDTASK” … ..

Too+far+to+ask:: them to everAGAIN(…) understand what happensW-H-E-N exactly(???) and yet, the chess player’s foreverFiDGetTiNg hands will SWARM-ABOUT-THE-plACE..

with that addedSense ofSEARINGLYsuggestive anticipation as take its own state ofREADIED time… …

to UpperCLASS unwind and m.i.n.d their next delicately Constructed SentencingOfAnEnemy’sSlainTerritory

.. as well as they canNOT hAnDlE it anymore. “You see… we’ve been thinking a+little+bit+too+far+and+deeply+AHEAD+OF+OURSELVES Again(And ON OUR OWN two-feet) to ever

land ourselvesBack at a place of legendary awareness.” And that(?) It does h-u-r-t us MUCH more than (nEVER)before.
Actually, It IS a matter and the meandering fACT

As to the aforesaid HoTwIrEd natureOf their eSTRANGEd brains is N-O-T(!!) necessarily a feat of Greatness anymore. ThanBefore… . “We were eleven-years-old, or thereabouts, and SUFFICE IT TO SAY: e-a-g-e-r-l-y aware of

Everythingnotneedingtobe::: utterly abstract and perfect(ly inOPPORTUNE)When(?) something frightFULLY

Antagonised DIDactuALLyHappen to ourFragileMinds And the map to LatterDayHappinessBecame: “shamefaced and rather ALARMINGLY(!!) burnt at the seams

And, since then, what have they been doing?” But for making up the SHREDDED difference SECRETIVELY within.