A broken-boned body – impossible to fix
His mind matches his physicality for utter negligence
Haywire to say the least, with a grubby arm flailing the bone-dry sky he will continue to preach for his momentary worth
This Hurts So Very Much
So far from goddamn touch
Waiting, longing, looking for the ultimate reprieve, its all been disgustingly thieved away in a sudden and most unjustifiably unforgiving instance
Soon as he started to make some kind of a sense of it all and to help seems the ground beneath his once assured feet began to sizeably quake
The deceit too harsh for one unaccustomed man to ever manage to handle
And here he now sits, the bounce-about surround sounds of his very own city puppeteering his every single wit
He’s freezing and hungry, unable to flee the incredibly horrific nature of his particular Leeson Street story

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