If he asked for semi automatic then he definitely asked for the definition of DEFINITELY maybe. It’s an underwater, heavy hearted pursuit and he seems

Already somehow adjusted to it. How the fuck did he even start at having that solidified sort of underwater heart • and how did it come to the earth shattering realisation that he is upside down and fighting(??) Did he even

Understand where to find OUTLANDISH-equilibrium, or was it all Just one whisky in and she thinks their world needs to’ve been earmarked As Earnestly (Y)earned?? When the deep sea inside of her still t!m!d mind suddenly finds • inundated levels of stretched to the thread resilience that’s where

The real human stuff comes in, as he hectically held his breath for ten thousand semblance of OVERHEAD seconds to SEE: “what the **** happened to me(??!)” SHE’s been knee deep in oceanic emotions again and they’ve finally been fishing with the wrong goddamn blasted… EeL(!)

Up their slippery little eLeCtrIfiEd sleeve(s).