They weren’t even writing about the way it takes them all away. Weren’t even talking for the sake of making loudly ol’ boisterous noises. She’s a serene and beautiful girl with a world of trouble set to pardon itself and bUbbLe, “and if we really wanna delight in

Confiscated eyes then let’s be those particular people who really know how to rely on the insides of a most wonderful MinD.” She’s deliberately being a stand-tall person, she’s even taking Mistaken Mistakes to the next layabout level… .

We’ve fallen highly in-love with the way it seems to meander and say: “another way. She’s up to her, AhEm… new tricks again, actually, and relying wholeheartedly on

Someone else’s sense of high-wired mistake_s.” We haven’t even been in-touch with creation without having been bellyache beleaguered with the state of impending

Delirium. And if the words REALLY did run themselves dry then that’ll have to do too – “for she’s walked with flames and acted famously A-Okay ANYWAY(!)” If they

Don’t listen to the insides of starry-eyed minds JUST THIS ONE TIME they may just end-up: swarming at the scene and bringing it all to its

Layabout feels. She’s just like anyone else, really. Just akin to Jumping Jim and his faraway feeling for stealing This Strugglesome World Away(..) What we do is we create

Unpardonable (MiStaKe _s)… … and Ask For: “blatant understanding anyway.”