This really well and truly was
It had to be
For she needed to finally say goodbye
Her swan song
Too many jovial-smacked smiles directed right at her each and every friend
And then, on out of their lives she most certainly went
Sent here on something of a wing and a seriously enticing prayer that they will only ever get to imagine
A relative kinda tragedy
But when will they ever get to see her again… So far as never!
For this is so damn stereotypically it, her very last hurrah
So grab your flowers, your boxes of contentiously overpriced chocolates, your perfumes to beat the band
Take her hands one last time before having to watch her run off into the oh so merry distance
Course you will miss her, everyone does!
So, please… do us just this one last favour and wrap your arms right round her every memory
‘Cos she will always get to remember you

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