These affable inadequacies of hers
Trapped by tremendous trepidation – the out-of-sorts, wide-awake methodical actor whose altered ego knows no true bounding

Cutthroat and floundersome, carried by this inspiringly insipid existence, wherein the early-a.m. meandered aside sensuously snaked sip of welterweight, hip-flask-ed whiskey attempts to calm the treacherous tides of ulterior-motived reasoning

Dip a deeply manicured toe come back for more … can you not even do that much for me!?
If only a while – falsified, fake-faced, living, seething individual carries with her these distasteful and agonisingly amalgamated, decidedly indecipherable instances

Sense fell by its wanderlust wayside soon as the pock-marked, -sparked place managed to manhandle the earth-ridden and murky arches, edges of its distrustful, sell-out self

Quantifiable by shylocked moments in unquantifiably unforgettable time

Her kaleidoscopic, rainbow-ribboned, oft than not rain-dropped eyes have been endlessly, constantly crying, as though they were her final arrival on hurting earth

Wherein friendship meant everything pretty and foundation-saving

Comfortably numb with no way out from intricately under beneath
These chained and tried, tired and tested, shacked ‘n’ shorn feet of hers have ferociously failed at walking the thankless plank

All hands on doused petroleum
deck, she shall stroll out and over a far-fetched, -stretched yonder again

Appears to be, that she is unspeakably disarranged and feels the waste of a lifetime summarise and start to foothold, footnote, her elongated demise

The weight of the world has been murmuring
Her screams of delirium but a whimpering and miserly muster, clusterfuck, of misshapen whispers

Her love is like a freight train… only minus any of the working mechanisms