She will need to take hold of the whole damn extraordinary and altogether exasperating thing, to finally let herself caress it all oh so wondrously – each and every next subtle silhouette bit – ’til both her and her rather affable audience cannot but suddenly begin to feel quite otherworldly
They will most certainly have to earn it, of course this particular soliloquy part goes without saying but undoubtedly atop she
These quick-fire and manically serene ballerina wits are splayed fair evenly, extremely devoted to undivided attention, utmost hellbent upon outright creativity, courageously sent on something of a surefire wing or ten to finally unearth her moment of utter downright ZEN
Slaying everything oh so outright suggestive and flagrantly, we will very soon get to see just how difficult it may once have been – these unmistakeably twisted and bleeding feet have been coaxed and driven into far prettier appearance from time to time
Nonetheless all kinds of pristine and absolutely permitting themselves to dip on in and irreversibly steal the mid-evening show, an absolute unmitigated push above
She should always trust her right hand man, of course, the very veteran aside childlike one who can somehow manage to intricately string then magnetically bring her pretty little pirouette right along ’til drying the whole Joffrey Ballet house right the entire way out

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