They were trying to tie it all together most gently – to act none too mentally at all actually.

It’s hardly ever this good to have felt that feeling of felt tip persuasion
The backbone of beautiful and she seems to’ve earned her own Territory Of Trust Over All Of These Pristinely Precious PeopLe(.)

When they kept their mouths shut tight, their marvellous and magnified minds: “making for a million brAND new motives.”

To keep herself A Most Dedicated Distance Away From The Rest Is To’ve

Successfully succeeded At Being- “beyond bloody aforementioned Marvellous Actually. He shall spot the Hidden Dangers Which Swim SoRdIdLy Within:

Even been _ bothering to be relatively BEleaguered yet again.”
It’s at this particular time of day when all of the people start at romanticising their own minds and managing to cause it all to —-

Act perfectly ImPropEr actually. A tap on into something utterly unique and {DEAFENINGLY} otherworldly
And without even uttering one word

Yet AGAIN, Against the grain: “utterly ABSURD.”