With ambience and ample course of CONSIDERABLE courage he takes this singular paintbrush and fails to rush it eNvIoUsLy Against, again, the shade and shape of his favourite cornering of CaNvas…
Somewhat selfPROclaimed!

A wish to make it.. t(HIS) everLASTING, living, seething, AWE-aspiring entitlement of up/all/night and conscientious wherewithal

Yet, we need to ask, but… WHERE/on/Earth has he ever even been?! Breaking his utilised and highly CrEaTiVe mind to find

Some time.. to delicately decide to simply siphon and silence his sycamore SURROUNDS from the remainder of

These quick, thinking people of aforeMENTIONED/UP/ALL NIGHT persuasion: ScintilLATEd, secondary sensations that they ALL were… AND wishing, wishing… WISTFULLY WiShInG!!

Upon the WEIGHT of a fallen star- “here WE ALL ARE!” About to bask in their own sense of artistic GlAdNeSs

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