These rapscallions were back
For all of a weekend – minds amend, quietly rather hellbent upon once more stringing all ‘n’ sundry along
These faces were older albeit equally quite wiser, no disguising a road perhaps best never forgotten
Downtrodden a thing of their stupendously wired past, a genius guitarist ready to set these chords in place one more time – fingers bleeding every which way come Monday through Sunday
Singer-songwriter, please find the rhyme and let it breathe oh so heavenly
Majestic even
‘Til the remainder of us finally get to unleash our every reason for being
Oh so tempestuous and they will just love it… live it even
Let these silent followers see it all over again
Right from the nineties on through to the noughties
Then we get to remember when we brought the whole curtain on up for one last exceptional fairytale existence
Can we not just pretend we never fought in the first place
The taste is turning out to be far too good altogether

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