We dried his eyes right out
Before hurling his emptied and flailing body against the vicious pit of The River Liffey – iced and far too narrow to ever account for
So you know, the blood-thirsty all of their own accord authorities will find him out in ten weeks time – entirely forgotten and sprouting all kinds of untoward everything
Dredged right the whole way out, about to be manhandled all over again
When, oh when did he ever turn his manically unlearned attention to being oh so bad, and will his nearest and dearest even appear so much as glad?
Way I see it, seems they will
So you all know, he failed to breathe any kind of a real breath long before he was ever choked in the first instance
No more, no less than a stranger in my phone book but I’d a job to do in the first place
The money and the reasons given to me, they just tasted far too good altogether

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