They’ve been working on their skills at a million paces per minute. Generally BOTH gLoRiouslY eNtHuSed and to the entrusted bones of their articulate beings- he’s been watching her moments of meticulous memory —

That manner that she can.. so very eXtReMe and soft… AND SUDDENLY turn back the DaNglInG hands
Of time.

Why not!?
“I’m about to create my momentary-masterpiece again- and EACH next PEACEful insinuation which comes with it..

amid THIS(!) preparatory aforeMENTIONED ARTISTIC Sense of unheralded bliSS..

Somewhat Solo, Soothed and Settled mysteriously-BOTH-mischievously within”

“The bones… of His Ultra/EmOtiVe soul-“
And she feels it ALL, thankFULLY… damndownRIGHT deservedly

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