When it is hardly even honourable what they’ve done to him; what they’ve been saying exactly; when other people’s distraction appears to have endlessly twisted and navigated his tired soul. The most marvellously beautiful thing about him may just have been..

That sense of continual bliss which somehow(who will ever even understand HOW, THOUGH?!!) swims

At the centre of his bare-knuckle being

Brutalised beyond what any pair of eyes can ever have seen, been bludgeoned and nullified from this Life- turned into a constant and mind-crippled layabout with a mind put upon fire midst hellish DeSiRe(!!)

To.. SET FIRE to the words which will still s-p-r-i-n-t, either way, from his rambling and InTeNsiFieD lips

By the bend and break of a brute-force brain, he will PAIN himself to remain: Upright and Pleasantly Surprised

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