He’s been tripping the light, up all of the livelong night – when that infamously egocentric a.m. finally gets to selfishly eating up the entirety of your p.m.
Oh so goddamn sumptuously, fair invitingly pumped on through each and every last over-exuberant part of you – we do choose to tie each and every one of these momentary nooses of ours, some appearing to be far more beautiful than others of course
Right from the rather excitable beginning to what can more oft than not turn out unashamedly akin to the feeling of a relatively posthumous finish – in a comical manner of speaking, at least
More so from the seriously sober outside gawping frustratingly on in
Fantastic in a million-and-one such bright-light instances, just how he is
And he will cater for being the charming man too, just enough to comfortably caress you and your chosen few back into steady play – this piercingly rogue, altogether handsome albeit equally dishevelled face will never, ever let you down, affably clowning around aside from which being a little capable of entertaining these far more serious wits when needs be
He’s your momentary everything, prepping those freeze-frame cheeks of yours ’til turning themselves rosy-red again – sent to see you, cause a chokehold kind of laughter to stir your everything
And all of this over one romantically inclined twenty-four hour stint
When you dressed yourself on up to unquestionably bespoke perfection, sat and sipped from your favourite gargantuan cocktail – the tall glass of multi-coloured cool where ice will forever circle the trim
Silently contemplating his all too delectable interjection

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