Imagine for a moment… being stood in front of your entire family and friends and there suddenly being a HUGE HUGE HUUUUGE wrought-iron, one-hundred-foot high fence between you. Imagine.. that the ONLY way for you to EVER get to meet all of them again would be to have to NOT THINK ABOUT… someone murdering one of your loved-ones ever again, and neither can you hold ANY sort of a grudge over them, let alone despise them to the pit of your being. You have to be totally calm and “whatever” about it. Imagine, THEN… your beloved mother, let’s say, screaming in your ear non-stop HOW USELESS AND WORTHLESS you are, only in this instance you have to NOT LET IT AFFECT YOU one little bit. And finally, imagine amidst all of that… knowing that if you manage at remaining unaffected by it all, only then will you be actually allowed to figure a way to get over that mammoth fence to see your loved ones again. Obviously the whole getting to see your loved ones is comparable here with OCD ‘recovery’. That right there is what I’d call a fair and honest description of a tiny little sampler of JUST HOW DIFFICULT (chronic)Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can feel for a sufferer when tasked with HAVING TO LET the imbalance of their brain run amuck. Yes, it is all utterly irrational but not for the sufferer, though 😃 Let’s maybe call it a false judgement call owing to the imbalance of brain, seeing as it does entirely affect the sufferer’s decision-making process. Totally. All good, just a description really. But that’s surely the same as expecting a child to figure out a hard math equation without any educational input for it. Try sitting a school exam, or many school exams for that matter, with that all going on. Try even preparing for it 😱