They’ve gone and done the whole process on their very addled own, they’ve got themselves selected AND re-elected actually..

It appears to be what they seem to see, their wish to s-e-i-z-e something seriously specific indeed. They’ve been offering themselves the sunshine inside of their own mind.

It’s a hip~flASK kinda a catchphrase and she shall —->> act like an ATOMIC version of an intelligently perplexed pErSon(!) We upend ourselves ON PURPOSE… to sense something else and rather anticipatory as otherWORLDLY.

Two-weeks-in and she seems to have carried her own stAte of inVALUABLE showmanship. “And if we really wanted to be freely Remembered then Perhaps we needed to’ve

—>> let ourselves ReMain u-t-t-e-r-l-y imperfect. And if the effect is from the catched AND caUghtEn cause of their apostrophised existences, then let’s all of us stART(!) to anticipate

An eagle-eye reminder
Of that starry-MINDED sEdaTiOn, please.”