He proceeds with customary caution again for the rigorous moments of riotous clarity to reconfigure themselves just so developmentally well – the glass-eyed, half-baked deathly delve

… of one old man and his also-ran interior existence – mammoth ties, blasphemous friendships rightfully relinquished

In the thinker’s blink of an early-a.m., alcohol-embellished admonishment cocktail

Blotto upon barely-there whiskey which sets itself neatly within – this daft man’s body of iced insignificance

Famed and framed for being an entirely, direly, once-upon-a-time fine embodiment of crystallised brevity met with inconsistent mannerisms

With that juxtaposed state of tethered stare which comically glares against a thousandth Christmas-tree window-in-waiting – he finally fuksake sees…

That he will posthumously begin to miss absolutely Everything worth-its-weight in rushing-diamonds which drop-til-vacuously-dripping within

Godiva Gold – when Frank’s untimely mirth ultimately insists upon wishing to make sense of it all, and it takes her by the horse-drawn-carriage called

A feigned marriage