Sweeps of unsettlingly deceptively crucifying nature abstain, which it may as well might in dastardly fact manage at marvelously amounting …
To fairly much enough next to nothing no-more, nor no-ught all of that marvellously well known anymore, pl-EASE!
Can we not simply fair effectively refrain and cause our colossal level of self deploring aside slightly jaded both highly exasperating permittal todelve
A Hole lot cumbersome, vitriolic and (YET!) deeper motherfucking st-ILL!!
Ill to the red-buckled bones of our Beautiful, barely-there beatnik and sincerely wannabe being
Again- depends entirely upon the turn of a tide too many motherfucking bodily manoeuvres altogether, indeed- she rigorously attempts to breath for a feeBoth free-ly PaRaLySeD by this life
Of suffra-jettisons which shall gladly welcome themselves: wide-eyes, oh my … her fucking Madagascar eyes are put upon fiercely fire
FORfreeFor a mammoth fee; to SEE her naked blood-riddled body bounce against the rocks of the Mississippi River- it will take a man of mammoth meaning

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