If they had been talking.. about taking their sweet new seating of time then, why not(?) bow down

About as breathtaking and beautifully as anyone else can begin(BEG!!) to imagine (it) — when it’s been cloaked in goddamn dutiful happiness—

Hotblooded andREAL: “their ultimate zeal, their innate ability to STEAL +it all half way back.” How they did it, though, needs no words but for the FONT placed purely before

These “sinful people of lightly antagonised minds.” It’s not impossible anymore:: to place their disregarded chips til put DisHevEllEd UPON the table again.

When there is a surefire, teasing Z-E-N in being… about as gracious as can’t have really been(!) “we speak to the spoken~of~people in a manner so effing well worthy that

It cannot make anymore sorts of stupendous SenSe(.) when… “you go at it A-G-A-I-N.. hammer and, ahem… THONG

And c-H-i-P away at said table of inescapable Dreams.” Recall it all and remember it WELL:: “that what they did is… take your favourite BESTmemorable memories and place them PETRIFIED-inside= albeit equally able to sensationally bReAtHe . This is….

What(?!) they see… simply = a pathway to creating something..

Seriously Second To, Ahem…. One (!)