Can remember it like it were yesterday
A pale body – perhaps as pale as a whitened snail upon an ocean front, if there were ever even such a thing
Mesmerising, I can only go so far as to imagine…
Rather tragic reminiscence, huh?
Silly comparison, maybe
Yet, you see, it is hard for me to explain such paler than pale features on one such beauty in any other equally descriptive way
Seems it will inevitably delay the whole process
So, all in all, these things are most probably best left of their own devices
Soon as she dropped her dress though, and invited me on in for the umpteenth time within two days, it was a kind of love-making second-to-none
Impressively so
Can’t say fairer than we met right at the middle
Others, but no-one carrying the exact same wanton desire, lust-filled fire
Sure, we had heaps of fun, a crazy amount, in fact
But I cannot, just will not, cease my mind from falling right back between these sheets again
Of an utterly beaten and battered old rented apartment way up in Rathmines
For one month, what was well and truly heaven-sent
Hard to step away from the light when this particular light was so goddamn enticing
Dreadlocks blinding
I write what I know, and I most probably know this more than anything else
She to have been, relatively speaking at least, one helluva delightful albeit, by the very end, haphazardous find
‘Twas too intense, you see, right from the very beginning
On my part more so than hers altogether, something about an ex-boyfriend or other
Anxiety in absolute over-drive
That’s right, blame the age-old anxiety, fella; anything else but yourself
I gnawed at the line though, and before I could even so much as begin to start to realise it, everything had somehow managed to unwind, then so much as unravel
It wasn’t just the body either

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