An incredulous amount of clout and outright multi-syllabic, trans-generational portrayal – reaching together their fullest potential indeed

And a whole wide world is starting at breathing equally each and every taking the time to fail

It is something which simply, size-ably, breathes this way / that way / any which way we have this repetitiously, trepidatious-ly, tremendously hybrid thing pressed gently, eagerly, against desperate, disparate, lips

On wound-up fire – about to catch kite and it will / shall / can and absolutely must be enough, brutally broken down by accordance aside ferociously fatal by all accords of which

Bottom drawer disputably insane and we open wide shut these lethargically enhanced, distanced eyes again

These constant and creatively maladjusted collaborations of devoted ours are bleeding right at the brim of the eagle-eyed and resolutely polluted rim

To penetrate the must-arisen, -ridden surface of our seriously, never-ending, sensuously smoke-screened souls

P-l-e-a-s-e, just fucking whisper it near the immediacy of the lean on in of my stinging ear for much more multi-coloured portraiture

Whiskey and wine, twice as flighty
Here. You. All. Were.

The hero of high-standing – been inventing the break-beat

No easy feat, far-fetched and otherworldly pronounced
James Brown’s been attempting to feel his funky feet
Wired hopscotch teeth meeting the microphone at half mast, full blast

Rumour has it, when Shakespeare died, he stole his smouldering eyes and wrestled to nestle neatly within his stop-start heart

The instrumentation of his reimbursed soul