He wears a navy denim dollar suit with trimmed brims – the cobbler kneels as though proposing to the most unamatchedly magnificent man

To say he is chiselled but a nine-per cent of nothing compliment really, it means so very outlandishly little to him
Born with this, work far harder for that in fact –

This face, cheekbones to cause lips with curved detail manicured glass houses dancing preciously atop to stop and bank upon something or other fair smouldered

He leans a mind forward toward a mammoth mirror which seems to lonely breathe
if he could carry it with him he would, he’s done the donkey-work ten million times over these bravely aligned shoulders

… and fixes a father’s loosened tie – passed-passed on til a familiar family heirloom so beautifully, invaluably placed right round a wrapped to be here pulsating neck

And, then, he reads to the returned to visit masses at necessarily quivering hand – fashioned both outside and within, we will never ever see an event so wonderfully extracurricular in all of our rain-spattered lives again
and he knows it so well

When before were five excitable minutes the most manically relaxed instances in an otherwise half-realised life, this is his stage and he was born to get away
Say what untainted upon finally sees

And… breathe
it easily on in til the very dependent end
the comeback to make everything else appear simply pedestrian in honest-to-goodness comparison

No one piece of literary art greater than how he took his life apart to place it behemothly back together again – the rest but a plus of utmost simplistic over-endeavour
Treasure He because, soon, the whole world will, and he never forgets the trend-setters who held his everything when undeniably paralysed by irrational nothing

You have perched him to be internationally best-selling, -dispelling these fakened pretenders of utterly, ashamedly awares nepotised theirs

How could he ever do that? You fixed what was torn to the crushed bone… and to pay it forward in one manner or other shall be his thank you calling-card forever – you’re the true artist who set him dreamed for apart