He didn’t plan on doing it, never could
But it happened, and for that he is relatively apologetic
It was round about midnight and people had just started falling from the overcrowded pubs on Weasley Street Upper – you imagine it, there they were in all their utter lack of glory
Side-stepping at pace ’til spinning like crazy – damn over-sized timbals the whole lot of them
Well-dressed timbals no doubt
Hiked-up skirts, enough skin to send any parent into raptures, shark-eyed boys with horniness easily over-ruling their attempts at any kind of charm
He watched with his own animalistic eyes
Far more learned, of course, and all the worse owing to that pitiful aspect alone
The cigarette, never lit but the largest part of his demeanour right then
He was James Dean with unnerving pock-marks, with no leather jacket and only ever his gangly legs for his motorcycle
Inexcusable at best, and no one dare associate themselves with the worst
She was beautiful, too delectable to ever attempt to overlook – the diamond amongst other far less pristinely cut diamonds
Why on earth would you overlook that!?
He certainly didn’t
Telling her friend she would meet her at the party at her boyfriend’s house on Allen Road, she smiled, all the more enticing for it – alluring, enticing, depended who was looking at her, really
This sonofagun felt he could probably blame it all on the beer if needs be, his friendly foe
That way half the population would get to understand, right?
He was a sinking ship and this was the perfect last breath
He’d made up a decision, to meet his appetite right at the horrific middle and to sink his ravenous teeth in like the ugliest Dracula out there
She zipped up her jacket and prepared herself, unknowingly so

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