The time he took to magically handle the whole seriously instigated thing, been singing for damn near a million years – the way it just seems to feel
These crowds and their glistening tears are burning them right to the soliloquy core – one such word and we get to store these pristine memories for a lifetime
Rewind and remind all over again and again
A fantastically plastered guitar to stretch the imagination, when sensational turned out oh so extremely easy
Plied with a pick and a prayer, could it be that he was meant to replicate all of these past masterpieces – that sophomore twitch coursing within his hob-nailed feet when he takes to that floodlit stage will rather instrumentally take you right back to these craved for sixties
Seven rhythmic tracks to align, all kinds of impressively find your storyboard mind, unfurling a surefire and all too savoury way to say what his very own rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle may well have seen – coated in lyrical gold ’til creating something far too special to ever forget
Set that stinging microphone in place, let your famously dishevelled and ricocheting face lace these people with all kinds of adulation
Delicately does it now
Please continue to allow our dreams to breathe, for you’ve had us in the palms of your beer-swilling hands for very nearly eight decades
Born to be this way, perhaps

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